Friday, 8 May 2015


Thanks to our friends at Baumatic we have a fantastic Gelato 1SS ice cream maker up for grabs this week.

All you need to do is like our facebook page, share this post with your friends and fill out the entry form on our website to enter. Hurry, the competition opens at 9am Saturday 9th May & closes at midnight on Friday 15th May. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

DR Electrical - Leicester's Local appliance rentals specialist

Rent Kitchen appliances from DR Electrical-

Your local appliance rental specialist in Leicester!

Many people are choosing to rent large kitchen appliances such as washing machines, fridge-freezers cookers etc because if offers a cost effective and hassle free way of having these essential items in your house.

For many people when a kitchen appliance breaks down, it is a  stressful time and an unexpected expense to add onto your credit card. Your pile of  washing is growing, you have lost food from your fridge-freezer  - you have not got the funds available on your credit card or your bank account............

So why wait and rent it today! 

The main advantages of renting over buying appliances are:

  • Free delivery and installation
  • Repairs and replacements are included in the rental figure
  • Loan appliance available
  • Keep up with the latest models
  • No need to use your existing credit facilities ( credit cards, overdrafts etc)
Also renting is a more personal business that traditional retail.  We will get to know you more, as you be given a dedicated account manager to ensure everything is working fine for you.

Whats on offer? 

Washing machines from less than £4 per week

Fridge-freezers from less than £5 per week

Cookers from less than £6 per week

If you are interested please visit our rental information page on our website and fill in the online application form  or alternatively call us on 0116 2666659 and ask for Rob! 

Thanks for reading

DR Electrical

Monday, 17 November 2014

What appliances do I have in my house?

I always get asked by my customers what appliances I have in my house.
Hopefully you will find this interesting and it will help you choose the correct cooker, washing machine or what ever appliance you may be thinking of replacing

At home I have got the Baumatic Rangecooker BC391.3TCSS (pictured)

I am one of  those annoying cooks who watches Jamie make a dish on the foodnetwork. Then I will go into kitchen and use every pan and roasting tray we own. I will use all five burners and the oven to finish the dish off- like they do on the telly!

I have got everything frying, grilling and baking all at the same time  This is all happening in "creative" atmosphere. Producing loads of mess and cooking aromas (burning smells!) , which we all know adds to the flavor.
However, unlike Jamie I do not have an army of minions to clean up after me so thank god for the dishwasher!

We have recently moved to our new house and there was a Bosch built in dishwasher,very similar to the one we stock SMV40T10GB. It has easy- to -stack shelves, even for the man of the house! I have constantly been advised by my wife, of my inability to stack the dishwasher properly. Perhaps dishwasher stacking can be the subject for my next blog entry!

Going back to cooking , my better half, (due her better cooking skills and logical approach to life) would of preferred a range cooker with a multiple cavities such as the Belling DB490DF.
This rangecooker is duel fuel (gas burners and electric ovens). It has five gas burners, two ovens and an oven/grill. In hind sight this would been better for sunday dinner, I would leave the meat roasting in a dedicated oven, the roast potatoes,veggies etc cooking in an other cavity. Also, there is room to keep the plates warm. All very civilized.

The other item I have recently starting stocking  in preparation Christmas is the Kenwood KN650, electric carving knife. This was purely an indulgence on my part. I have always wanted one myself. Hopefully there are other people like myself who think an electric carving knife an essential piece of kit!

Talking about essential, as a family we use the slow cooker almost every week, we have the crockpot SCV400PSS at home. This I would say makes someone who does not cook into a cook. The joy of plonking all the random stuff left over in your fridge and cooking it slowly for hours seems to work magic every time.

For those you who thinking of buying a slow cooker- here is my random stew:


  • Stewing steak or chicken thighs/legs
  • One onion
  • One carrot
  • Any other veg you have hanging about that looks a bit worse for wear 
  • Garlic
  • Dried herbs ( e,g oregano) 
  • A cup of beef/chicken stock
  • Tomato paste/ or you could use ketchup
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Chop up veggies
  2. Put everything together into the slow cooker
  3. Switch on slow cooker
  4. Come back from work and eat!!
Thanks for reading guys. Any if you are after some advice with regards to appliances please call us anytime on 0116 2666659 or visit our website

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Confused over cooker hoods?

Choosing a cooker hood can be a confusing purchase. So at DR Electrical we are making it as easy as possible.

Last month, to improve our showroom, we installed a cooker hood display.  As a family run business it took us years to get around to doing this, but we eventually agreed on how we should do this!
We decided to display most of the Baumatic range of hoods as they are unbranded and can be matched with any hob or oven in a fitted kitchen.

Come down to our showroom to have a look in the mean time if you are in the market for a new hood below is our buying guide:

Chimney cooker hoods - have a chimney leading off above the fan. You need to make sure that there is enough room above your cooker top for 75cm between the hob and the hood and room above the hood for the chimney vent. We stock –the Baumatic F60.2SS

Please note that chimney cooker hoods are designed to be mounted on a wall, if you are after one that is designed to be seen from all four sides and suspended from the ceiling you need an island hood.

Island cooker hoods - look just like chimney hoods. The important difference is that island models don’t need to be mounted onto a wall as they are designed to be suspended from your ceiling. Ideal if your kitchen has a modern style and your hob is in the middle of the room.

Visor/conventional cooker hoods - stick directly out of a wall. This kind of unit is very rarely found in sizes above the standard 60cm width. This is the most common of hoods! We stock the Baumatic STD6.2SS, it also comes in white STD6.2W

Fully Integrated cooker hoods – are built into the cabinet above your hob and are hidden behind a panel or door which must be opened in order to use. Almost all integrated models are 60cm wide or less, so if you are looking for a cooker hood that is only visible when in use but can be hidden the rest of the time, an integrated hood is ideal, the BT06.8ME is now in stock

Canopy cooker hoods –
They are built-in to the underneath of a cabinet directly above the hob. They are sometimes confused with integrated hoods but while integrated hoods are hidden behind a door and can be shut away, canopy hoods are always visible.  We stock the CAN52.3ME

We can order in any hood from all the top brands, Neff, Bosch, Belling, Smeg, Stoves, if you seen something you like and you are unsure please call us for the best advice on 0116 2666659

Have a great weekend

Friday, 19 September 2014

Looking for Cooker Repairs in Leicester? We Can help.

When your electric or gas cooker breaks down – (normally during a family meal that you have been planning for ages!) it is one life’s annoying things that can just happen! 

So what are your choices?

  • Panic and buy a cooker that might not be the best for you as you purchased under distress!
  • Call around for a repair company
  • Go to your mums and for dinner!

DR Electrical is the only company in Leicester can offer cooker repairs for both electric and gas cookers as well replacing your product that best suits your needs. If it’s a fault you believe you can repair yourself we can offer a parts only service.

So if you are unsure to repair or replace your cooker just give a call and with a simple conversation we can tell whether it is worth repairing or replacing.

DR Electrical cooker repairs in Leicester can offer you
  • Next day service
  • Common spares carried on the van
  • Parts can be ordered within 48 hours after first visit
  • Cooker replacement service

Call us on 0116 2666659 to book in  repair

Thanks for reading !


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Our Top Pick of Big Brand Washing Machines in Stock Now

DR Electrical sells 1000s of cheap washing machines a year.
With so many different models available, we have listed our Top pick of big brand washing machines

Best value washing machine
Load: 6kg
Spin : 1200 spin
Energy rating: A+
Guarantee: 12 months
 The Beko WMC612W is our best value machine and with a massive 6kg and 1200 spin. This cheap washing machine is a good choice for someone on a budget but still wants to have a decent specification.

Mid range washing machine
Load: 7kg
Spin: 1300 spin
Energy rating : A+
Guarantee : 24 months*

The Zanussi ZWH6130 is our best selling machine as it ticks a lot peoples’s boxes
Large 7kg load, fast 1300 spin- great for families.  It’s affordable and comes with an exclusive two year guarantee (this only is only available from independent electrical stores such as DR Electrical*)

Top range washing machine

Load: 8kg
Spin: 1400 spin
Energy rating: A+++
Guarantee : 24 months

The Bosch WAQ28462GB is the washing machine we would recommend if you have a higher budget. It is has Bosch’s unique VarioPerfect techology
which means you can choose between speed and energy efficiency.
Delivering total flexibility, Bosch’s specialist VarioPerfect technology means you can wash that work shirt in 65% less time – perfect when you’re in a hurry.
The machine offers a large 8kg wash capacity, perfect for heavy loads with items like bedding and jeans.

Check out these washing machine on our website and many more cheap deals on washing machines. 

We deliver all over Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, if you need installation just ask a member of staff

If anyone have seen an other washing machines around that have caught  your attention  let me know your thoughts

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Why Electrical Stores are Growing Online?

As a family run traditional bricks and mortar electrical store, we have noticed over last 15 years the massive growth of online electrical stores.
The question for the independent electrical stores such as DR Electrical what has caused this growth online and how can we compete?

Let us look at the reason why people are buying online

The main reasons why customers buy large electrical items such as washing machines and fridge-freezers are:
  • the increase in use of the internet across all age groups,
  • Shopping at home in your own leisure time
  • Booking home delivery online
  • Better pricing.

What has DR Electrical done as an electrical retailer to keep up with these changes?
Over the last 6 months, we had to change our business in order to compete. We still wanted to keep to our roots by offering the best local service for Leicester, Nottingham and Derby by offering good value electrical appliances. However, we want to incorporate an online element.

We took note from the brick and clicks model used effectively by John Lewis.  We can give the customer the best of both worlds! 

Customers can come and visit our showroom, get the best advice from staff with great product knowledge and then visit our click and reserve website  in order to check stock and reserve their electrical appliance.

Our website shows live stock level so the customer can reserve their product in confidence. We still have many things that we need to improve our online offering, such as payment online, ability to book in deliveries and installations which will be phased in within the next 12 months.  However, the potential is there for DR Electrical to be the East midlands best local online electrical store.

So when you need a new appliance, why not check out our website Or come and visit our showroom at 262 Loughborough road Leicester LE4 5LH

Have a great week